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  • Overview

    I just love playin video games and want to provide a fun and entertaining viewer experience

    About Me

    I'm all about a fun experience. If there's no fun - then what's the point? If I'm not having fun on a game, chances are I'll stop playing. I tend to lean towards a more hardcore experience like in Hunt: Showdown but will also enjoy a really laid back game as long as it's fun!

    My Background

    I'm currently studying a degree in Games Design. I enjoy doing art stuff and plan to do art streams in the future when I can get Photoshop or some other software for drawing. I mostly spend my free time playing games. I lean more towards the competitive side with games like Hunt: Showdown, Dead by Daylight and Destiny 2's competitive modes. But I also enjoy a more relaxed experience in Destiny 2's PVE and single player games like Control :)

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    I want to provide an enjoyable viewing experience and learn more about the games I'm currently playing. I think that an active audience is really helpful with this and I hope that they can help me learn new things about the games I'm playing, and that I can also help them learn new things about the game too!

    My Favourite Games

    I'm currently streaming Hunt: Showdown and Destiny 2 mostly. I'd have to say my favourite game is Dishonored. The game mechanics and level design are so amazing in the game that it's hard to find anything to dislike.

    My Game Genres

  • Creative Streamer
    My Creative Goals

    I hope to be able to progress in my 3D modelling for my Degree and learn new techniques and methods from viewers.

    My Best Creations

    I think my favourite project to work on was a game I created with a friend during my 2nd year of my Level 3 Diploma in Games Design. It was this small game called Police Chase where the player had to shoot the incoming police vehicles and survive for as long as possible. There were a few powerups to keep the player levelling as the Police got faster and got more health. There was even a boss fight!

    My Creative Activities

  • Artist
    Art Portfolio

    Some art and projects that I have worked on can be found at my artstation: callum_giles2000.artstation.com

    Why I Enjoy Art

    I find drawing somewhat relaxing and fun. I really enjoy looking at a finished product and being so satisfied with how it turned out.

    Not Offering Commissions
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