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    My name is John and I'm a 29 year old Texan, who spends his days lounging with my cat, Comic Sans.

    About Me

    I am an average gamer, and variety streamer. I mostly stream from my PS4 and just kind of play whatever I'm in the mood to play. I love to talk and meet new people, and have a large tendency to sing about my current situation when that situation proves to be stressful or have a bad outcome. I also enjoy playing games on their highest difficulty settings, and solving difficult problems using my "never say die" attitude.

    My Background

    I have been gaming since the age of 2 when my older sister first taught me to play the first stage of Super Mario Bros. My love of games has escalated throughout the years from learning Chess, to playing MtG (TCG) and Fallout 2 (PNTRPG) in my early teen years, and eventually brought me to the PS4 where I have spent many hours playing games such as Diablo 3, Smite, Dynasty Warriors, Warframe, and many, MANY, more. When I'm not gaming or streaming, I enjoy reading, and designing dungeons for DnD, though I haven't actually played DnD in many years.

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    My Gaming Goals

    I don't honestly know how to the answer this question. When I first started doing this, it was simply a coping mechanism for the loss of my mother who passed away in April of 2017. Ideally I suppose, I would be trying to provide humorous content to large groups of people, who in turn would provide feedback and allow me to expand as, not only a streamer, but as an individual as well. Maybe even eventually turning this into an actual career of some sort, though the reality is, I think, that that's what a vast majority of people want and we can't all be shining stars. So as to what this becomes in the future, while I hope it would be something fruitful, the only thing I know for certain is that I will enjoy this ride for as long as it lasts and I hope to bring a smile to at least a few peoples faces.

    My Favourite Games

    OK so while I can't definitively say what game I have enjoyed the most, it always boils down to 3 games.

    • X-Com: Enemy Unknown (PS3)

    Jeeze, where to even begin? Should I start with the time my rag tag crew of misfit rookies engaged in a high level mission, and ended with a sole survivor who handily wiped out 6 alien threats using only tactical planning and sheer force of will? How about when 3 countries all pulled out of the world council at the same time, leaving me strapped for resources, and staring at defeat? Or how about the space ship I shot out of the sky, then sent my A-Team to mop the floor with them after my B-Team was massacred by that same downed ship? This game stressed me out more than any other game I played in recent memory, and it was immensely refreshing having come out at a time when I felt like I really needed a challenge and this game delivered, no questions asked.

    • Shadowrun (Genesis)

    This is the game that solidified both RPG and Open World Games as some of my favorite genres. The story, the action, the "go anywhere and always find a fight and approach problems the way you see fit" attitude that this game had was simply amazing. Did you want to never fire a gun? Be a hacker and steal information and sell it to the highest bidder! Did you want to have a turf war with some Russian Mobsters? Stock up on ammo and guns and blast your way through the opposition? Don't like guns, but still want to fight? Get cyber implants so you can have claws and bullet proof skin, or use your connection to a Gator spirit to cast spells and incinerate the opposition. This game was a beautiful masterpiece and will forever hold a place in my heart.

    • Fallout 2 (PC)

    This. Is. THE GAME! Fallout 2 featured one of the most brutal opening tutorial areas, but offered a chance at an open world that I haven't seen any game come close to, outside of maybe Divinity/Divinity 2. Another game that features open ended problem solving, while also giving you choices in game that allowed you to completely redefine who and what your character stood for. One of the only games that I've every played that truly allowed you to be an inhumane monster by becoming a slaver. A SLAVER! Just go around killing tribal clans and ransacking farms. It' completely derails your entire story line progression and screws you out of any good guy options from there on out, but by god the developers knew that statistically there would be at least one sociopath out there that would think to themselves "Hmmm, screw saving the village I was raised in that descended from my ancestor, the one true hero of Vault 13, I think I'm just going to go and ruin a bunch of innocent peoples lives.", and there was at least one saved game on my PC that did not disappoint them. Or maybe it did?

    As for games I am currently streaming, well that fluctuates and shifts so there really isn't a definite answer here, I have been streaming a lot of Fortnite as well as another game called Has-Been Heroes. The most fun I had however was when I streamed Hatoful Boyfriend and proceeded to do voice work for every character in the game, trying to use as many unique voices as I could.

    My Game Genres

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