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    Previous a Game Designer at Naughty Dog and Infinity Ward I stream a variety of games and Indie Dev

    About Me

    I love games. Love to play them and love making them even more. I'm constantly trying to make something fun at the cost of sanity and sleep. I really enjoy playing games and trying to discover what makes them fun and inversely trying to figure out where they sometimes fail.

    My Background

    I started as an FX Artist in the post production industry and moved into games from there. I worked at Naughty Dog as anFX Artist for about 3 years and then moved into Game Design within the studio. From there I moved to Infinity Ward as a Game Designer as well. After that I wanted to get back to what made me love games in the first place so I started streaming as a way to play more games and interact with the people that play them.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    My goal is to become a more active gamer again. I want to be inspired by other games to create some myself and just focus on the enjoyment of gaming as an important part of creating them.

    My Favourite Games

    Favorite Game: The Arkham Series, Uncharted Series, Metal Gear Series, Zelda Series, Street Fighter Series, Injustice Series, Tekken Series, Old School SNK Games, Pretty much anything first party Nintendo, Souls Games (and the like), Horror games. My favorites tend to revolve around single player experiences with the occasional MP game. I've streamed a few games from each of the aforementioned series.

    My Game Genres

  • Creative Streamer
    My Creative Goals

    My goals as a creative streamer are very much inline with my goals as a gaming streamer. The two work hand in hand. As a streamer I want to interact with other streamers and people in chat to collaborate and discuss ideas to create unique and interesting game experiences. This is also a great way to "sanity check" ideas before going to far down the rabbit hole.

    My Best Creations

    I'm currently working on only one project at the moment. It's a personal game I've been working on that's an arcade bullet hell twin stick shootem-up game set in an 80's aesthetic computer mainframe.

    My Creative Activities

  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    Honestly some of my best experiences were watching streamers play the games I worked on. Hearing their feedback in real time and seeing them enjoy parts really made me feel a connection that I can't describe. I think being a viewer is an important part of streaming. I've also enjoyed popular streams with lots of people to interact with in chat playing popular gamers as well as finding obscure games I've never heard of from smaller streams.

    Favourite Streamers

    I like BikeMan, CohhCarnage, Admiral_Bahroo, TigerWriter, LowCo, Tangent, Retro Gaijen, SevenS1ins, DrunkDevs, JessikaMak, Tatted and a variety of smaller streams. I've watched most of these streams for a couple of years.

    My Preferred Stream Types

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