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    Partnered UK Twitch Broadcaster who will never stop gaming

    About Me

    I'm 45 and LOVE survival games. My channels primary game is heavily modded Minecraft and love playing with tech and magic. I play other survival games (Ark, 7 days to die and similar), but I have been know to play badly occasionally at PUBG. Been streaming since January 2014 and never want to stop

    My Background

    Been an electronics Engineer, Worked in amusement arcades both as engineer and as a Manager, also ran my own computer repair business before coming down with the dreaded cancer. I needed something to take my mind off treatment and discovered streaming and loved it, after my treatment ended I was bored while recovering and hit the "Start streaming" button and never stopped pressing it.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    I love survival games and slowly going more variety with different games

    My Favourite Games

    Love Minecraft, Ark, 7 Days to Die

    My Game Genres

  • Creative Streamer
    My Creative Goals

    Build more computers on stream so people can understand more about their computer and learn how to upgrade or build their own

    My Best Creations

    My recent 1950x Threadripper build

    My Creative Activities

  • IRL Streamer
    My IRL Stream's Goals

    Broadcast from more conventions and show people around the shows that they can't get to

    My IRL Stream's Activities

    Broadcast live walking around gaming conventions showing viewers that can't attend what's there

  • Developer
    Developer Portfolio

    Custom webpages, game whitelisters & bots

    Why I Enjoy Developing Projects

    It feels great to create something that makes mine or somebody elses life easier and more productive

    Not Offering Commissions
  • Moderator
    Moderation Experience

    Moderator for quite a few channels, but longest being Bacon_Donut who modded me for making a joke at his only moderator modding from an iPad during a particularly difficult time and told me to help out. I then realized how difficult and rewarding it can be

    Why I Enjoy Being a Moderator

    I like to give something back to the people I moderate for all the hours of entertainment I receive. I realize even more, now that I am a broadcaster just how essential a good moderation team is.

    Not Accepting Requests to Moderate