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  • Overview

    I'm Lumpy! I'm a pixel artist and teacher!

    About Me

    I do both pixel art paintings and sprites for game development. I have a fun stream with a nice chill environment for drawing. Come say hi! If you'd like to browse some of my artwork, I post all of it on my twitter, @LumpyTouch. I also do commissions! If you're looking at getting some exceptional emotes made for your channel, I'm the guy to talk to!

    My Background

    I've been doing pixel art for 10+ years. I love growing the little lumpy community and helping out new artists. If you'd like to share/ ask for help and critique on any digital art you're doing, I invite you to join our Discord community!.

  • Creative Streamer
    My Creative Goals

    I'd like to create a fun and unique environment for viewers and artists to come and hang out with, all while providing a unique and interactive stream. I'm always excited to talk to new artists!

    My Best Creations

    Almost every stream I start and finish a large piece of pixel art. I've built up a very huge portfolio. However, I also love collaborating with programmers and game developers on twitch. I do the art, they handle the programming, and together we make little games!

    My Creative Activities

  • Artist
    Art Portfolio

    Emotes | Customizable Sprites | Animation | Pixel Painting

    Browse my twitter for more!

    Why I Enjoy Art

    I've been doing art since I was a kid! As a kid, I loved video games and game art. I truly enjoy doing pixel art that channels those feelings of love and nostalgia. Plus, I find it both relaxing and challenging to do drawing/painting on a very small and controlled scale!

    My Commission Services

    I primarily do Pixel Art Emotes for Twitch streamers. If you're interested in something different, shoot me a message and we can discuss it. I have done a few channel rebrandings/profile pictures.

    My Contact Information for Commissions

    E-mail me at lumpytouch@gmail.com, OR send me a DM on twitter. Profile link: https://twitter.com/LumpyTouch

    Commissions Charge Rate

    I do pixel art emotes for $25ea. Other commission prices vary based on complexity. Message more with details and I can give you a price quote.

  • Developer
    Developer Portfolio

    I participate in Game Jams, in which teams create games in VERY short time spans. This is from my Ludum Dare 39 entry, a 72 hour game Jam. https://gamesplusjames.itch.io/street-beat-saviour

    Why I Enjoy Developing Projects

    I'm very interested in game dev. However, I'm primarily an artist/ sound designer as opposed to a programmer.

    Not Offering Commissions
  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    Funny chat experiences.

    Favourite Streamers

    I like smaller streamers who interact with their viewers. I like networking and building up working relationships with streamers I admire that can benefit both their stream and mine.

    My Preferred Stream Types