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    Indie games, space games, roguelikes, classic and new RPGs with a smattering of Cthulhu mythos.

    About Me

    Community-friendly, highly interactive variety streamer. If you follow me and you also stream there's a good chance you'll see me in your channel later. Longtime member of the exceptional EroxGG community, check them out, they're literally the best thing on Twitch.

    My Background

    Professional bike courier and lifelong game addict living in the dark, desolate depths of Southeastern USA. Picked up streaming around fall 2015 and took several hiatuses before getting serious around Feburary 2017, netting 200 followers within 2 months which is way more than I expected.. My favorite games of all time are Chrono Trigger, Baldur's Gate 2, Diablo 2, Fallout New Vegas, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Front Mission 3, and Undertale. RABID indie game fan, totally in love with this new generation of indie devs in all of their glorious splendor. Obvious soft spot for tactical RPGs, as you can tell from that list.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    Meeting new friends has been my favorite thing of Twitch so far. The bits, donations and non-monetary support is just icing.

    My Favourite Games

    Currently working through Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Shadowrun series, Baldur's Gate 2, Banner Saga 2, Darkest Dungeon, Eldritch, System Shock, and Gods Will Be Watching, just to name a few. Regularly stream the ongoing games EverQuest, Mechwarrior Online, Sunless Sea, FTL, Diablo III, and Dungeon of the Endless. The best games I've ever played on Twitch are Undertale, and the Banner Saga and Dragon Age series.

    My Game Genres

  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    I mostly watch small streams, but my favorite experiences have been of a few of them who have made it big remembering me and showing love when I drop by and say hello.

    Favourite Streamers

    Zaffa_Geek, Bauuzer, NismoSpoolin, BergerBrush, thealakazamking, and goldshinobi. All of these streamers are highly interactive and remember and show love to all of their viewers.

    My Preferred Stream Types