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    Hey I'm JezaRgh and i'm a gamer and streamer in my 30's, I'm tad addicted to games, especially FPS!

    About Me

    So my name is Jez R but i use the name JezaRgh as well i might say argh a lot after dying in games, along with a bit of swearing! :O

    I'm a husband and dad as well as a gamer/streamer and luckily my wife is brilliant and understands my gaming addiction!!

    When it comes to gaming I like having a laugh and joking around in games, but when it comes to competitive modes i like to try and be serious and get the job done!

    So if you sound similar and fancy watching a streamer like this then come by and say hello, or lurk, it will all be appreciated!

    My Background

    So i started with the simple games on the TV hitting a ball back and forth and then got addicted from that, First console i owned and which was awesome was the Commodore 64, will never forget playing Rambo and Platoon on that, then moved through the Nintendo's to Sega to Playstation, Dreamcast had to be my favourite though remember playing online a lot for the first time on Chu Chu Rocket and Phantasy Star Online which didn't make me popular when an expensive phone bill came through after a misunderstanding when originally setting up our home internet.

    I started my pc days on a terrible computer my dad bought and i remember my first pc game was Baldurs gate, but moving onto my own pc years later i played games like Age of Empires in which i won a tourney on the MSN Zone!, Half life, Counter strike and also a few MMO's including Planetside, SWG and WoW all three spending to much time on!

    As well as gaming and streaming i'm into Football(not American!) Snowboarding, Drinking and spending time with the family and friends....this isn't in a particular order! lol

    Right well i think that is probably enough rambling from me, hopefully see you in one of my streams to say hello to!

    Thanks, Jez aka JezaRgh

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    My Gaming Goals

    Hope to achieve a small following and give and receive advice on how to improve and also playing with viewers when ever i can!

    My Favourite Games

    Currently streaming PUBG, Battlerite and CS:GO. CS 1.5/6 has to be one of my favorite games of all time, was the first time i ever played at a few Lans slightly competively, almost forgot Final Fantasy 7 probably is my favourite single player game ever and hopefully the remake will do it justice!

    WoW and SwG have to get a mention also as spent many an hour and had many great times on both games.

    My Game Genres

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    Best Viewing Experiences

    This will have to be filled in properly when i have more hours watching streamers!

    Favourite Streamers

    Have only really started watching a few people on Twitch since getting a pc, Shroud has been the main one probably been watching for 4 months and i think it was Summ1t's fault i bought this as i was watching his streams when i was getting the PUBG bug!

    My Preferred Stream Types

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