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Fishing up in Canada with the rest of the Berenstain Bears for vacation! 25th is the return date and Streams will continue!




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  • Overview

    My name is DJ! I am a 25 year old Computer Science student and Enthusiast.

    About Me

    I stream mostly for a hobby, I have those get big dreams but I am happy just hanging out with people who tune in, make friends and meet new people. Ive already met tons of really cool people through streaming, and I hope to continue!

    My Background

    I am from Michigan though I am going to school in North Dakota, I love any kind of art, I myself have a spray paint in my garage I try to stream from sometimes. I really love computer related nerdy-ness as well. Parts, programs or languages I can talk about all day.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    I just want to have fun, Despite my claims I am by no means any where close to a professional.

    My Favourite Games

    I really miss the variety streaming tag, I love to play all kinds of games as long as they retain my attention and they are fun Im usually a-okay. I just finished playing windwaker and had a ball and a half.

    My Game Genres

    Upcoming Gaming Streams
    Title Game Start Time (Your Time - ) End Time (Your Time - )
    Wild and Out of Breathe! A casual playthrough The Legend of Zelda

  • Creative Streamer
    My Creative Goals

    Just to have fun and explore and let the creative part of my brain not die as I try to achieve a bachelors in Computer Science and Math

    My Best Creations

    I have done one paint stream so far and It was really fun, I havent worked out all the bugs but Spray painting in my garage is just a nice mental release for me and I only stream it so if someone thinks its interesting they can tune in for a bit.

    My Creative Activities

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