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  • Overview

    I'm your not so terribly average PS4 streamer. I like to stream a bit of everything.

    About Me

    I'm a young guy who've wanted to stream games since I was a quite young dude but never got the hardware to do so until I turned 20. I stream a bit of everything on my PS4 and I aim to do streaming on a computer in the future. When I get in a good mood while streaming I'll probably sound more crazy and happy and making weird sounds or twisting my voice.

    My Background

    I love playing games, and interacting with people who watch is something I think is very fun. As mentioned I stream on PS4 but will continue on PC when I get the funds for the hardware. (I don't have a lot of income so saving these kind of money is a terribly slow process. My hobbies and interests is something I don't like being open about for some odd reason. What you can know in the beginning is that I like games. My inspiration for streaming began when I started watching 4pp (4playerpodcast) back in the days. Being able to entertain some people and give some laughs here and there is awesome. When will I see myself as successful? The day I get over 15-20 viewers, joining other cool streamers in their games and have fun and share laughs with them and the viewers watching(And hopefully be able to contribute). I highly doubt I'll ever achieve over 200 viewers, perhaps not even 100. But even if the number is small or high. I'm happy either way.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    As mentioned in previous post, I hope to be one day approved as a Twitch affiliate, Get about 10-20 viewers per stream. And be able to befriend other cool streamers and play and share laughs with both them and the viewers. One of my biggest challenges is be able to say something creative often, to be a good and entertaining host, even tough I have no problems in commenting while playing solo.

    My Favourite Games

    I stream a little of what I have installed on my PS4 such as Battlefield 1, Superhot VR, Sometimes I play Jackbox and get random viewers to join in for the fun. There are some games on my wishlist such as The Evil Within 2 that I plan to stream, the upcoming RE7 Dlc's in PSVR, One of the best games I've ever played this year is Tales of Berseria and NieR:Automata. I'm that type of gamer that usually never plays on Normal difficulty, Hard difficulty is more suited for me.

    My Game Genres

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    Best Viewing Experiences

    None in particular

    Favourite Streamers

    I currently watch 2 streamers, Kiwo, Criken and their gang,. The reason I like them is because they are having so much fun together, and that the person they are, are fun. Criken is one streamer I begun watching since 2013, Kiwo in 2017. I hoped one day to be able to play with them, not to leech off their viewers (Because I'm not better or more awesome than them in any way whatsoever) But to play with them and have fun, and hopefully contribute to the entertainment. It's something I think that would be a highlight in my streaming career if it happened. But it is something I know will never happen.

    My Preferred Stream Types

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    Variety streamer
    Looking to play with others
    Bit of everything