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  • Overview

    We are a group of gamers trying to provide a community for other like-minded peeps!

    About Me

    In our community, we want to freely enjoy games, both streamed and not, as well as building a camaraderie that can be shared with anyone and everyone. Our population is built upon the foundations of Rocket League, but spreads to every walk of life and every game possible. We aim to be accepting of any level of player, skilled or novice, professional or amateur, as we all have something to provide in this fun brother/sisterhood of games!

    My Background

    We come from many different backgrounds of streamers, artists, video/audio creators, and creatively-minded, competitive gamers! Some military, some college student, some even from across the world! We've stuck together through thick and thin to work hard on streams, tournaments, and community-provided events and look forward to doing even more!

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    To provide fun, entertaining competition through multiple gaming platforms for others to view and enjoy and perhaps even be motivated to join through our Discord community.

    My Favourite Games

    We primarily stream Rocket League but are also working towards other games like PUBG, Fortnite, and other community available games. My particularly favorite game is Halo and Gears of War, so who knows if those will show up too!

    My Game Genres

  • Community Manager
    Community Manager Portfolio

    I manage the FrontLine Gaming Community

    Why I Enjoy Being a Community Manager

    I became a manager for this community because I wanted to provide a strong foundation of freedom for other games to work together and enjoy one another while also still moving forward towards a goal of collaboration for artistic efforts as well as providing competitive play between highly skilled players and people.

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