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    I am a straight white male. People say that makes me privileged. Those people don't know me.

    About Me

    Who am I? Who are you? I am still figuring that out. What am I about? I am about having fun being a good husband, father, friend, and entertainer. I am about having a good time and helping those who help me.

    My Background

    About me? I don't like to talk to much about my past. The more you talk to me the more I may reveal to you, if I trust you. My hobbies have always been video games. I am also into snowboarding and videography.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    I hope to find long lasting teammates that play well with me and get along with everyone in my growing community. I hope to grow a community that is open minded and not easily triggered when being taunted by the other team. I am not a fan of rage quitters. My main goal is to grow a community and host community only tournaments.

    My Favourite Games

    My favorite games currently are RainbowSix Siege, Halo 5, and PUBG.

    My Game Genres

  • Social Eating Streamer
    My Social Eating Goals

    I like to keep people company while they are at work and eating lunch. Basically, I like to be people's lunch buddies.

    My Social Eating Meals

    I usually include my eating with gaming. I will be gaming then need to take a break for lunch, switch to lunch break mode, then get back to gaming.

    My Social Eating Discussions

    I have no limit to what I will discuss. Typically nothing that will make me lose my appetite.

  • IRL Streamer
    My IRL Stream's Goals

    I would like to do product reviews, and show off local businesses around where I live. I would like to have cameras around the house and stream me in my daily life on days that I feel like having my chat with me.

    My IRL Stream's Activities

    I mostly do IRL streams when I have house projects or if I want to go on a walk and take my chat with me. Sometime I will show off the city I live in by going to local businesses.

  • Talk Show Streamer
    My Talk Show Hosting Goals

    I would like to interview members of my community and talk about games that are coming out or give ratings and reviews of games/products for gaming.

    My Talk Show's Discussions

    No topic is taboo, if it's mentionable its manageable. Political debate and religious/spiritual discussion is welcome and I usually serve as a moderator for these type of discussion so things don't get too heated or out of control.

    My Talk Show's Guests

    I have not had too many guests yet but anyone in chat is welcome to join my discord voice channel and be a guest. I have had comedians from LA join be to talk about their shows. I would like to bring in local leaders and have discussions about how people can reach out and help their own communities.

  • Music Streamer
    My Music Goals

    I hope to share new music and help emerging artists.

    My Music

    I don't make music as much as I promote other's music. I do play the violin from time to time. I am a beginner.

  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    I love to lead the chat in cheering for what ever is going on in the stream.

    Favourite Streamers

    I am a big fan of DrDisrespect. His brand of comedy fits well with my sense of humor. I also like the big RainbowSix Siege streamers because that is my favorite game and watching them teaches me a lot about the game.

    My Preferred Stream Types

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