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  • Overview

    Hi there, the name's Jess! I'm a Canadian professional artist & hobbyist gamer!

    About Me

    One thing that helps me get through all of my work is the opportunity to talk with wonderful people, which is why I stream! I love interacting with folks and answering questions, it helps both me & you!

    My Background

    I've been producing motion graphics & relevant animated content since 2008 on a regular basis. With nearly a decade of Adobe Suite experience, I'd like to think that I know enough to offer insight and positive constructive feedback for others, as well as positive self reflection. I also love speedrunning games, it's almost become an obsession for me at times, where breaking the physics becomes a challenge & integral part of the fun.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    At the end of the day, I'm here to have fun & share that fun with others. But I would be lying if I also didn't want to showcase the care and practice I've put into speedrunning some games. I feel showing off how games can be played unintentionally is both entertaining and insightful.

    My Favourite Games

    Portal 2 is by far my favourite game of all time, and I intend on streaming it more. GTA V and Minecraft are two more.

    My Game Genres

  • Creative Streamer
    My Creative Goals

    I hope to spread knowledge and provide transparent insight into the work I do, I feel that showing my process is helpful to beginner animators & it allows me to have more fun doing what I love.

    My Best Creations

    In early August of 2018 I produced my first 3D animated icon on stream, and it was an absolute blast. It was definitely a pond I hadn't previously walked in much, but already understanding all of the fundamentals, I winged it on stream and produced a piece that I'm still proud of.

    My Creative Activities

  • Music Streamer
    My Music Goals

    I want to share my improvement with others over time.

    My Music

    I love electronic & orchestral types of music. Nick Kaeler, a personal friend and huge inspiration to me, produces a variety of mixed orchestral and electronic music that heavily inspired some of my earlier work, but I've since branched out and developed a sort of style of my own, although it is still definitely in the works.

  • Artist
    Art Portfolio

    https://corelocus.deviantart.com/gallery/ https://twitter.com/jesdraws

    Why I Enjoy Art

    Art has been an integral part of my day-to-day life for years. I love visually stunning imagery, and it's always filled me with joy to analyze and breakdown complex sequences of images. This really inspired my work, and led to me finding a sort of daily therapy in creation of it.

    My Commission Services

    • Animated Twitch Emotes
    • Animated avatars
    • Animated intros & branding
    • Animated characters
    • Animated backgrounds

    My Contact Information for Commissions

    Via twitter DM @jesdraws

    Commissions Charge Rate

    Typically $15/hr

  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    Scaring streamers with donations is always fun.

    Favourite Streamers

    TsaoShin is my favourite stream team for sure. Their show is called Backseat Drawing, and it has an incredibly kind & talented community attached to it that always fills me with joy and motivation. I've been subscribed for over a year, and I don't intend on stopping any time soon.

    My Preferred Stream Types

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