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[D3 grift runs] The cute Blushies show (▰˘ ◡˘ ▰) | !website !ctt !patreon | #pixelart #BSo7




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  • Overview

    Variety / creative streamer doing digital art and dev but also play games every now and then.

    About Me

    Hi I'm BlushyFace and I'm a variety streamer. I like to create interactive content such as Blumics (BlushyFace comics), develop (open source) Twitch bots / games and other software for fun that can be found at my site or in my discord

    My Background

    IRL I'm a dev / IT analyst but also do freelance as a hobby such as creating custom interactive Twitch bots / games for streamers or custom emotes when I have the time. Apart from that i've been streaming on and off for a few years now and I plan to continue to stream for much more longer.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    Don't have a particular goal in mind apart from streaming my game play and have fun and interact with viewers that watch me.

    My Favourite Games

    Currently my to go game is Overwatch but i also play Diablo 3, CSGO, Minecraft, Starcraft 2 and other games when people want me to play with them or I'm looking for people to play with

    My Game Genres

  • Creative Streamer
    My Creative Goals

    Improve my art skills and basically get better at drawing art.

    My Best Creations

    My comics (Blumics) which is basically a bunch of short stories with viewers as characters but also longer stories that tell the adventures of BlushyFace and viewers that do silly stuff. I've had pretty positive response to my Blumics due to my art style apparently although i don't draw them regularly due lack of time atm you can find a bunch of them on my website and more in my discord.

    My Creative Activities

  • Artist
    Art Portfolio

    Some of my art can be found on my site: http://blushyface.com/blog/

    Why I Enjoy Art

    Create art for fun and to learn draw better digital art.

    My Commission Services

    Twitch emotes / general art.

    My Contact Information for Commissions

    People that are interested in having me draw their art can contact me in my Twitch chat (or whisper) or my discord

    Commissions Charge Rate

    Depends on whats needed.

  • Developer
    Developer Portfolio

    See my website for examples My bot i use in my channel or some of the twitch projects i'm working on

    Why I Enjoy Developing Projects

    Creating interactive content is one of the things I'd like to do such as making Twitch bots / games (but not limited to twitch). I've made quite a few Twitch bots and (mini) games for Twitch partners and affiliates and they sometimes refer new people to me that want me to write something for them.

    My Commission Services

    Custom Twitch bots / games

    My Contact Information for Commissions

    Same as contacting me for my art -> Twitch chat (or whisper) or my discord

    Commissions Charge Rate

    Depends on whats needed.

  • Community Manager
    Community Manager Portfolio

    My own, which is a small community about the world of Blushies where we are every blushies.

    Why I Enjoy Being a Community Manager

    The feels of having a community and a common interest we like and hang out.

  • Moderator
    Moderation Experience

    Don't really have a memory of being a mod.

    Why I Enjoy Being a Moderator

    Usually got asked by the streamer when I'm active in their chat. I don't ask for it.

    Not Accepting Requests to Moderate
  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    Watching streams that are entertaining. I like to watch tournaments like CSGO / SC2 but also speedrun like GDQ (and its variants)

    Favourite Streamers

    There are lots of people that i like to watch, too many to list.

    My Preferred Stream Types

  • play_arrowVideos
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    Digital art