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    Don't let them take what you've got.

    About Me

    Hello! My name's Richard, a black 28 y/o, and i've been streaming for nearly a year now! I love playing video games but I don't like to talk alot which is why I started the stream in the first place to get out of my shell and meet others that like the same stuff! Also a bin for any games i've might've missed, so as of right now it's a main focus on older games during the 90s~2000s era. Hope to meet you!

    My Background

    I game nearly every day of my life, never stop the grind. Psalms 2:13

    On the reals, I've been playing games since 1992 and haven't gotten enough of them, and my favorite genre is JRPGs! I also do a bunch of offstream gaming on mobile devices, but I haven't decided to stream those yet.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    Quite honestly? I just would like to make more friends to talk about something I love, personally, as a matter of fact, that IS why I made the channel in the first place, to see how many times i can muck up and laugh about it with some friends, or not. give or take. I don't AIM on becoming big, but if it happens, so be it, I will try my best!

    My Favourite Games

    Current games - Digital Devil Saga 2, God Eater, Overwatch, (although I do have a specific day for things other than the main games, like ovw, cause I like changing it up)

    Favorites? - Killer7, Megaman Battle Network Series, Paper Mario 1, Golden Sun and more that I cant list off of my head

    My Game Genres

  • Moderator
    Moderation Experience

    Well, there was this one time, actually in a single big channel no one's heard of called DoDonPoochi, my close friend's channel

    Now, she is an incredibly popular icon, and that gives her already leverage steeped in a lot of wandering wierdo lurkers, but there was this one time I had the scariest time of my life telling someone not to commit suicide It, didnt seem to be that serious but, literally one little push and it felt like i was moving someone's life on the line because I decided to take up the torch to help that person, to this day I hope they're ok, but then again, if this type of thing happens again, will I beable to recreate that miracle again? Modding is dangerous.

    Why I Enjoy Being a Moderator

    I just enjoy helping out my friend, I don't think i'd mind modding another channel but I dont think I can do it full time, even for pay, I'm not THAT attentive and i tend to give a lot of leeway cause i'm flaky and always give the benefit of the doubt.

    Not Accepting Requests to Moderate
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    Best Viewing Experiences

    I think its getting to see the stuff that makes me laugh, i'm usually the one clipping stuff all the time, it's also great background noise sometimes

    Favourite Streamers

    Ic3lion84, CleverLeviathan (even though I never catch his damned streams anymore), DoDonPoochy, Xemerian, PJCesare

    My Preferred Stream Types

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    Kirito looking for Asuna to recreate ch 16.5 must host or my mom will yell at me
    Am 420 friendly
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    Variety Streamer
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