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  • Overview

    I'm a new streamer hoping to play fun games with community members and other streamers

    About Me

    I'm a pretty easy going person that is looking to make some friends to play games with. I'm all about keeping it positive albeit a little sarcastic during games. I'm not particularly at any game but I enjoy a lot of them.

    My Background

    I've recently graduated college and am ready to dedicate more time to exploring all the aspects of twitch. Outside of gaming, I enjoy snuggling with my 4 cats and wasting time procrastinating something important.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    My goals as a gamer on twitch is to create a community for positive players to come and have a good time playing with others, without having to worry about their skill. I care most about trying your best and encouraging others.

    My Favourite Games

    I'm currently streaming a variety of games. I recently finished Doki Doki Literature Club and are spending my time now playing Overwatch, Fortnite and Rimworld. I look forward to playing more story based games in the future.

    My Game Genres

  • Moderator
    Moderation Experience

    My memory was when my sister first started streaming. I was/am her mod and this was maybe her third stream ever. She had never really watched twitch so wasn't aware of how the /me command and donations worked. One new viewer came in and said /me "viewername" has donated 50.00 USD! and she freaked out. Thankfully I was there to immediately explain to her what that was and to time out the viewer. I whispered them explaining why they were timed out and how inappropriate it was to take advantage of her lack of twitch knowledge. He understood and after the time out, came back to become an active member of the community.

    Why I Enjoy Being a Moderator

    I moderate on twitch for my IRL friends as their safety blanket. They are both relatively new to the world of twitch and I act as a way to ensure they aren't being trolled unknowingly or being taken advantage of. It allows them to focus on all the fun aspects of streaming without having to worry about trolls.

    Not Accepting Requests to Moderate
  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    My best memory as a viewer was watching a spontaneous donation train. The streamer casually mentioned that she wanted Chinese food but she had eaten out recently and didn't like spending all that money on food. Her community jokingly took that to mean she was starving and began to donate small amounts of money to offset the cost. Then a few of her most loyal subs began donating large quantities to "break her". It was so cute watching her community be so giving and having so much fun with it.

    Favourite Streamers

    The majority of the streams that I watch are of newly affiliated streamers. The addition of affiliation has allowed a lot of their channels to grow more consistently, adding an additional layer of professionalism to the stream. They are all variety streamers and I watch them more for their personalities than the games they play.

    My Preferred Stream Types

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    Team RockSquad
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    cats only
    chill streams