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  • Overview

    I am a Christian and I am a Web Developer by Day and a Gamer by Night!

    About Me

    I have been a gamer ever since the early years. I started out on PC games back when Windows 95/98 was the best OS at the time. I also used a ton of older consoles back in the day, mainly the NES, SNES, Nitendo 64, and PS1. Then I grew up becoming a strong fan of the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Now you will mainly see me playing on the PC along with the Xbox One! I also love my dog!

    My Background

    I love almost all game genres, but most importantly RPGs, Tactical FPS, Strategy and City Building style games. I try to stream as frequently as possible and I also create videos on Youtube like vLogs, tech reviews and other content.

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    I'm just very passionate about gaming, so one day I figured I would start streaming and building a community where I can share my love of video games with others!

    My Favourite Games

    ARMA 3, The Elder Scrolls series, Bioshock series, Minecraft, ARK, SWAT series, StarCraft are all among my top favorite games, but there are way too many more than just those to name!

    My Game Genres

  • IRL Streamer
    My IRL Stream's Goals

    I will just stream IRL stuff to show everyone what my every day life is like sometimes, or if there are fun/interesting moments in life.

    My IRL Stream's Activities

    I'll usually just stream every day life, or when I go on vacations or camping trips I'll stream that stuff as well!

  • Talk Show Streamer
    My Talk Show Hosting Goals

    I have a seperate channel with a few other Twitch streamers where we are going to try to start building a networked stream. The main goal will be to eventually have multiple shows running on the networked channel, the main show being a talk show.

    My Talk Show's Discussions

    We will cover everything from video games, the gaming industry, world news, christian news, giveaways, and charity events.

    My Talk Show's Guests

    The talk show will include many other members from the ATC Gaming community.

  • Moderator
    Moderation Experience

    I've moderated everything from streams to in game moderation, there isn't much I haven't seen when it comes to moderation.

    Why I Enjoy Being a Moderator

    I love helping communites grow and sometimes people need moderators to keep the peace.

    My Request Requirements

    All requests considered upon being recieved.

    My Contact Information for Moderation Requests


  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    Just hanging out and chatting with different communities.

    Favourite Streamers

    AdmiredPlague - Coworker IRL who helped me take my streaming to the next level. DrDisRespect - Who doesn't love watching the Doc?

    My Preferred Stream Types

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