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  • Overview

    Sharing my love of trying to be the best in every game I play, and have fun while doing it.

    About Me

    I live in a tiny mountain town in BC, Canada. Always chatting, mostly to myself! Good times, high energy, dumb as shit. I've always been a dumb shit, and always loved playing games. I don't expect that to change any time soon.

    My Background

    I've been gaming since my parents begrudgingly introduced me to my SNES. I discovered MMO's and that was the end of my life pmuch. I do a lot of photography, tinkering, and random projects all the time to see if I can do it for the sake of finding out. I quit a terribly stressful job not long ago, and am in the process of rediscovering myself, which has involved a lot of looooong gaming sessions. When I'm not online, you'll find me in books, the mountains, or down at the beach when it's not a frigid wasteland. I ache for providing high quality in anything I do in life. I'm surrounded by a lovely lady and a harem of cats (and my dog who thinks shes a cat)

  • Gaming Streamer
    My Gaming Goals

    I would love to spend more of my day sharing content on twitch as every streamer does - I'm sitting around and gaming all day anyways. It would make me the happiest man on earth.

    My Favourite Games

    Games I am streaming most right now - COD Black ops 4, Path of Exile, Honkai Impact 3 Games on my hall of fame - Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, MGS (all of them, even the disappointment of the last one), WoW holds a special place in my heart as well. Diablo 2 is somewhere down there too. Honorable Mentions - Bioshock, Half Life 2, Super Mario 64 (and world!), DKC

    My Game Genres

  • Viewer
    Best Viewing Experiences

    When Starcraft 2 was setting the gold standard in E-Sports back in the day. It was unreal to watch these massive household names streaming on my TV, both in their practice and on the big stage. It really was what I think started it all.

    Also Tyler1's ridiculous reformed adventure, I watched that adventure since before his perma ban.

    Favourite Streamers

    DatModz - This guy's amazing, he's been going strong for so many years and I don't think he will stop any time soon. Amazing attitude, funny as hell, and always a good time to watch even when I'm not interested in his games. Imaqtpie - Despite my girlfriend hating his voice, I still watch him from time to time even though I don't play anymore. Friggin goof. Any of my friends who are streaming get priority as well, I love watching the team go out there.

    My Preferred Stream Types

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