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    Writer, gamer, husband, dad, entrepreneur, epic coffee-hater. | CoWriter of 20 novels

    About Me

    My channel and I are all about relaxing, positivity, and having fun (usually through sarcasm and dry humor - I am a dad, after all). I suppose I am a 'variety' streamer though I usually try to stick to 2-3 games max at a time. Currently, I am predominately streaming The Darkest Dungeon and other masochistic, stressful games. I stream Monday through Saturday from around 8pm EST until 1am+. My stream is a PG-13, 'family friendly', 'unity' stream (though the chat itself is more like 17+) -- everyone is welcome! Come say hi or just lurk (I'm a lurker too, so you'll never be called out)!

    My Background

    Basically my life story.

    I work hard but try not to take myself too seriously. My wife and I are the writing and publishing team behind the pen name 'K.A. Poe', which is currently how we make our living. When I'm not spending my time writing things that never happened, designing websites, or playing video games, I can be found hugging the air-conditioner in my home near Indianapolis.

    I grew up in southeastern Tennessee before chasing a girl across the country (it was totally not stalking, I mean … We're married now and everything … we even have a daughter!). Before relocating to the pacific northwest, then the hellish deserts of southern Arizona, and eventually here in Indiana, I studied psychology and sociology at Chattanooga State. This was not a waste of time and money at all, as now I manages a web design business and make up stories with my wife — completely related! /s

    When I'm not being a jerk by forgetting to clean up the shaving debris in the sink or rinse out my cereal bowls before putting them in the dishwasher, I enjoys never being satisfied with my own work, cheeseburgers, piña coladas (manly ones, of course), video games, music, reading (nothing with big words, naturally), and getting caught in the rain. You know, stuff that most people like — a real original.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

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    My Gaming Goals

    I want to create an environment that is as family friendly as possible (within reason - I generally stick to PG-13 stuff) and is there to relax and have fun. It seems many (myself included sometimes) have forgotten that games are for fun and not virtual stress simulators. ;)

    My Favourite Games

    I suppose I am a 'variety' streamer though I usually try to stick to 2-3 games max at a time. This generally includes one competitive/pvp game such as Starcraft 2 or Heroes of the Storm along with a co-op game I stream with my wife (Grim Dawn currently) and something relaxing or strategy/story based.

    As far as my game 'history', I've played a huge variety of games.

    I've played video games since I was 4 years old (that's more than 25 years ago, now! O_O), starting with Mario Bros and never looking back. Over the years I've played every genre and have even been in the competitive (foreign) Brood War scene for a short time. Now days, with a business to run, a wife, and a child, I tend to play less competitively (although old habits die hard) and my playing times are more condensed.

    My Game Genres

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    Best Viewing Experiences

    To be honest, I generally lurk as my watching times are often when I am doing web design work on my other monitor. I mostly like to watch streamers who are relaxed and not over-the-top. I prefer a real personality to an act. I also watch top streamers in the competitive games I follow, mostly Starcraft 1&2 and Heroes of the Storm.

    Favourite Streamers

    It is really hard to say a favorite as I watch quite a few. I may just fill this in later with all the streams I watch. :)

    My Preferred Stream Types

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